We have seven yards in which to divide our guests into appropriate social groups. Each yard has pea gravel and grass footing, a fresh water source, and shade. In the summer, wading pools are also available. 

Our yards are reached via strategically placed gates in an alley way. No need for leashes!


Each guest (or family of guests) has a personal 5' x 5' x 6' wire kennel space in which to eat, sleep, and relax. To give an idea of the space, two Saint Bernards would be a bit tight but a Saint and a large Labrador are comfortable. 

Smaller kennels are available for dogs under 15 pounds or young puppies if they do not feel secure in the larger space.  

The building is both heated and air conditioned, depending on season.

A ceramic tile floor makes clean up easy and helps us create a clean, tidy indoor environment.

Food and medications are stored in an enclosed cabinet.

Our kennel is literally outside the back door of our home. Someone is on premises nearly all the time. If, for some reason, we are all gone at the same time, all dogs are securely locked in their own kennels and all facility doors and gates are locked. Dogs are NEVER left outside or in a social situation without supervising humans on the property.





Single Dog $20/night

Additional Dog in same kennel $10/night

(only approved family mates share kennels)


Military/Law Enforcement 20%

SD6 Employees 10%


over 10 nights, 10% discount on entire stay

over 20 nights, 20% discount on entire stay


50% deposit required at time of reservation.  Deposit is non-refundable if cancellation occurs with less than 7 days notice. 


We reserve the right to charge a cleaning fee for excessive spraying/marking inside by intact or neutered males as well as for male or female chronic incontinence

If your pup runs out of his own food, CMK provided food will be given at a fee of $1/cup.

Transactions held outside of our open hours will be charged accordingly as detailed and agreed to in Boarding Contract


We accept local checks, credit/debit cards, and even (gasp!) that old school method of cash. We do NOT, however, accept chickens, goats, unruly children, or "parts" cars in trade. 



Our Daily Schedule



 All guests, whether day care, overnight, or students of our training classes, must be fully vaccinated. By law, every dog at our facility must be up to date on RABIES. By policy, we also require proof of current vaccination status for DISTEMPER, PARVO and BORDETELLA.  


For secure storage purposes, please bring enough of your dog's regular food for the stay in large/gallon size ziplock-type bags, each marked with his name. Please do not bring unopened bags or tubs full of food (i.e. Tupperware, Vittle Vaults, etc). There is no need to bring dishes or scoops. 

Medications and/or supplements may be brought in an additional marked ziplock. 


 Intact males and females are welcome at CMK; however, we absolutely cannot take a female during her heat cycle or for three weeks following the cessation of her cycle. Please be aware of your girl's status when scheduling her stay. If she is close to her cycle time, please arrange with a friend or relative to be ready to take her home with them in case her cycle begins while she is with us. For their safety, the mental wellbeing of all our male guests, and our own sanity, females will be removed from the facility at the first sign of spotting.

Our Daily Schedule

Our Daily Schedule

Our Daily Schedule


Our guests are let out for their morning constitutional between 7-8:00. They are outside the better part of an hour, weather permitting. Then it's inside for breakfast and an hour to digest. 

Mid-morning brings a second play/potty opportunity, again an hour or so. At this time our overnight guests and day care guests are mixed into social groups, if appropriate.

Noonish brings a light snack or lunch for those who need it and an opportunity for a refreshing nap.

Mid-afternoon yard time is usually a quieter play, culminating in day care guests and some overnight guests going home and new friends arriving for their first night.

Dinner is between 6-7:00 with quiet, comfortable indoor time until 9:00, when everyone goes out for one more chance to take care of business.

Bedtime is by 10:00, with a cookie, an extra ear rub, a night light, and lavender essential oil diffused to aid relaxation.

Helpful Tips

Our Daily Schedule

Helpful Tips


Anxiety about boarding is totally normal, for both your dog and you! To help your dog, it's a good idea to send along something that smells like you - a sweaty workout shirt, dirty socks, or an old towel that you tucked into bed with you for a couple of nights before boarding. The stinkier, the better! If you are bringing their own blankets and are worried about anxiety, don't wash them. We don't mind the smell because we know it helps your pup be okay. 

Attending a day or two of day care before the first overnight stay really helps both doggo and people who are concerned about the separation. This gives your dog a chance to know that you will, indeed, come back for him and a chance for you to see how he responds to our environment. 


Our Daily Schedule

Helpful Tips


YES your dog has access to water at all times

NO you do not need to bring bowls

NO we do not charge extra to administer medications

YES you may bring a bed or toys, but bring nothing of monetary or sentimental value, as it may not be returned in the same state

NO we do not put aggressive dogs in general population

YES day care dogs interact with overnight dogs

NO there is not a day care charge while your dog is an overnight guest

YES if your dog wears a bark collar at home, you should bring it with you

NO we cannot offer exit baths at this time, although there are several local self washes to which we can direct you

YES if your dog becomes ill we will take him to your regular veterinarian. 

YES we have a licensed veterinary technician on staff

Boarding Testimonials

Sawyer Brunz 3/30/08-11/24/16

New to Town

We recently moved to the valley and found Columbia Mountain Kennels through their great reviews. I'm pleased to say they live up to the hype and then some! Truly happy with the great service that we and our two dogs received at Columbia Mountain Kennels! We will absolutely be going back for all future boarding (and training) needs!

Nicole Costello

New to Boarding

This kennel facility is amazing. I was so nervous to board my baby since she has always been able to come with us. But the owners here were SO kind and answered all of my questions with no rush. They showed me the facility and where she would be sleeping. They keep the big dogs separate from the little ones and they get a lot of outdoor playtime. I thought I would be worrying about my pup during our entire vacation, but I knew she was in good hands. Thank you so much guys!! I am grateful for your care. And so is our little Chupa!

Hannah Young

Play & Socialize

We couldn’t be happier with the set-up and how wonderful and friendly the people were. It’s so nice knowing that the dogs were able to play and socialize with each other throughout the day instead of being put in a kennel. We highly recommend Columbia Mountain Kennels!

Bridgett Ferdig


We just can't say enough good things about Will and Andrea!! Such caring individuals with true Hearts of GOLD and such a passion for looking out for our four legged fur babies. We would highly recommend them to anyone searching for the 'right' place to leave your pets/babies knowing that you have placed them in a very caring and loving environment. I was extremely nervous to leave our 2 dogs (Kolbe and Tera) for 2 weeks while we were overseas on a trip but through constant emails, they put my heart and mind at rest which allowed me to relax and enjoy our time out of the country. We could tell that our dogs were very well cared for the minute we picked them up. They pretty much acted like "Oh . . . you guys are home now?" They are sooooo easy to work with. Wonderful human beings with a true, true passion for animals. We would and do plan on using them again, even if it's just for the day so that our dogs can stay socialized. Thank you Andrea and Will :-) You are simply THE BEST!!

Katie Marsonette

Reasonably Priced

Great clean kennel and reasonably priced. The couple seems to genuinely care about dogs and I could tell my dogs were both taken well care of each time we boarded. I'm just disappointed we didn't find them sooner before moving out of the valley. I would recommend them to anyone!

Katie Ericksen